It Is And Isn't What You're Thinking

Rich in desirable qualities, affording mental nourishment, highly interesting, enjoyable and, of course, juicy.


Under re-Construction: We are currently refocusing our business priorities and redesigning our website to reflect this new direction.

Relationship Enhancement

Sometimes relationships need a boost. Reinvigorate your relationship with some frisky fun. Spice up your love life and enjoy more naughty fun together.

Visit our primary relationship and marriage enrichment site and check out out adult themed books and apps. The intimate relationships in your life affect many more people than you might think at first. When you are happy and feeling fulfilled, other people in your life benefit more than you realize. Discover how you can increase the love in your life!

Joy Of Learning

From early childhood learning to continuing education for adults, gaining new skills and knowledge is essential.

Our current focus is on basic arithmetic workbooks for kids. These are great for homeschooling and self learning (kids and adults). Help your students be the best they can be.

Delicious & Nutritious

There is a lot of controversy regarding what is the best diet to eat to sustain your long term health and wellness. We all know there are profit motives pushing various agendas, but what's actually right for you. Conspiracy theory or not, let's dive into some food ideas that are both delicious and nutritious.

Boost Your Brain

Brain health is a growing concern for many people whether it be for their kids, spouse, parents or themselves. Based on research and science, what can actually boost your brain power so you can succeed in life now and in the future. Discover how we can improve our mental health and stimulate our intellectual potential.

Creative Creations

Artistic creations whether literary, musical, artistic, or functional, all deserve to be recognized for their value to enhance our lives. How can we encouraged and stimulate more creativity and expression in the creations produced to attract our attention and our dollars. Our bias may have an erotic theme for adult consumption, but it's not limited in any way. If it's beautiful and inspiring, it deserves to be appreciated.

Fun & Games

Our original focus was on adult games for couples. Frisky Foreplay was the first game we published. Since then, we've developed a variety of iPhone/iPad apps for adult play. However, stimulating and playful activities are important in all stages of life. Fun and laughter are critical to appreciating the wonders of the world and the potential of human development within it. Although our kids have grown up, our grandkids still need our zest for life and learning.

New fun and games will be developed for kids and adults alike.